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What Is Diabetic Neuropathy

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Diabetes causes high blood sugar levels and this result in the damage of the nerves of the human body and this condition is known as Diabetic Neuropathy. When there is a reduction in the blood flow in the human body as well as the blood sugar level is high then they cause injuries to the nerves of the body. But many a times the reason behind their occurrence is the unchecked blood sugar levels. Among the patients of diabetes half are such that are sure to get nerve damage. There are many cases in which the Diabetic Neuropathy patients may not see the symptoms of nerve damage till 10 to 20 years have not been passed.

If there causes any injury to the nerves, then their effect can be in different parts of the body. The injuries to the nerve can affect the cranial nerves that are the nerves which are in the skull. They can also affect the nerves from the spinal cord and branches. They can even affect the other very important organs of the body like the heart, stomach, bladder and intestines.     

Peripheral Vascular Disease

Peripheral Vascular Disease
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Before knowing about Peripheral Vascular Disease let us first know about the body’s circulatory system. The circulatory system in the human body has blood vessels which are two types, the first are the arteries and the other are the veins. These two types functions as a carrier of blood all over the body and has a tubular structure.

Though both of them perform the function of carrying blood but the procedure they follow is different. Like the function of arteries is to carry oxygen and blood which is rich in nutrients from the heart to other organs and cells of the body. On the other hand the function of the veins is to carry oxygen depleted blood and wastes, and get them removed from the body after getting filtered through liver, kidneys and lungs and then.

Peripheral Disease :