Peripheral Vascular Disease

Peripheral Vascular Disease
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Before knowing about Peripheral Vascular Disease let us first know about the body’s circulatory system. The circulatory system in the human body has blood vessels which are two types, the first are the arteries and the other are the veins. These two types functions as a carrier of blood all over the body and has a tubular structure.

Though both of them perform the function of carrying blood but the procedure they follow is different. Like the function of arteries is to carry oxygen and blood which is rich in nutrients from the heart to other organs and cells of the body. On the other hand the function of the veins is to carry oxygen depleted blood and wastes, and get them removed from the body after getting filtered through liver, kidneys and lungs and then.

After this process the venous blood is once again filled with oxygen in lungs and they carry them back to the heart. Both the arteries and the veins are interconnected through capillaries. So after knowing the role of a circulatory system in the human body let us now know about what is Peripheral Vascular Disease

When the circulatory system of the body is affected by any disease or disorder which is outside the brain and the heart then it is known as Peripheral Vascular Disease. Though any type of disorder which affects the blood vessels is termed as peripheral vascular disease but many a times it is used in place of peripheral artery disease.

This disease is among the most common of arteries diseases. The cause of this disease is the fatty materials which get developed within the blood vessels. It is called atherosclerosis or arteriosclerosis which makes the arteries harden because of it getting mixed with calcium and other materials and forming plaques.

The process of this is slow and these plaques makes the arteries blocked, narrowed and can even weaken them. This condition then results in partial or complete restriction in blood flow in these. If the heart arteries are affected by this state then it is known as coronary artery disease. There are some other causes also of Peripheral Vascular Disease which are as follows:

  • If there is a blood clot then it can block the blood vessel.
  • Another cause can be the diabetes. A person having diabetes faces the problem of high blood sugar levels in the long run and this damage the blood vessels and make them narrow or weak. On the other hand this high blood sugar level and high fats in blood speeds up the development of atherosclerosis.
  • The condition of arteritis in which inflammation of arteries is caused makes the arteries weak or narrow.
  • When there is an inflammation and scarring caused because of an infection then it can also block weaken or make the blood vessels narrow. Two of the common examples of infections are salmonellosis and syphilis.
  • The structural defects in the blood vessels can make them narrow. They may have been acquired at the time of the birth because of some causes which are many a times not known.


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