Peripheral Neuropathy Treatments

Peripheral Neuropathy Treatments
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Traditional Peripheral Neuropathy Treatments

At present, there are only few methods present for Peripheral Neuropathy Treatments. Its few remedies involved injection therapy, medication and physical therapy. The surgery is done only in few neuropathy causes.

In several cases, the treatment process helps in reducing the risk of nerve damage. For example, the diabetic neuropathy could be reduced by controlling the diabetes. In critical cases, renal dialysis is an optimum choice present. For the long time good health of the patients, it is important to remove the toxic components from the body. 


Peripheral Neuropathy Treatments involved medication, but it reduced the pain temporary and the condition remains alike. The prescribed drug relief for some time, but as the disease progresses the doctors asked the patients to increase the doses taken to suppress the disease. Some medicine also causes side effects that make the patient’s condition worse. It becomes hard to deal with patients in such cases.

For the Diabetic Peripheral Neuropathy Treatments, the Food and Drug Administration has given approval for the Duloxetine hydrochloride medicine. The common side effects noticed are diarrhea, nausea, constipation and dry mouth.

Other medications for the Peripheral Neuropathy Treatments include local anesthetics, and anticonvulsants. The side effects of anticonvulsants are nausea, reduced white blood cells, dizziness and vomiting.

Injection Therapy

Peripheral Neuropathy Treatments next involve injection therapy that involves the injecting of the drug in the nerve block that is generally surrounded by the damaged nerves. This method would help in restricting the nerves to progress and damaging the brain.

Other Peripheral Neuropathy Treatments

Discontinue use of the medication that has caused side effects could reduce the neuropathy causes.

Alternative Peripheral Neuropathy Treatments

In some cases, there is no treatment available for the neuropathy, but in most of the cases the treatment is possible.

The following treatment procedure would help in treating neuropathy.

Neuro-Stimulus Rebuilder: The recent studies have shown that the rebuilder is quiet effective in 95 % cases for treating neuropathy. It reduces the diseases and even sometimes reverses the disease symptoms.

Oxygen Peripheral Neuropathy Treatments

Lack of oxygen is a major cause of neuropathy. As oxygen is a cleansing agent, it brings life in the bodies, at the same time its helps in reducing the toxic components from body. The oxygenation protocol should be included for the treatment.

•           Oxygen products show following results:

•           Structure, oxygenate and energize the water

•           Delivers ozone by ozonating oil and water

•           Oxygenated, ionized the water

Nutrient Supplementation

Vitamins used as nutrients are:

Vitamin B12 helps in safeguarding the axial fiber and nerve cells. It also results in the regeneration of the nerve cells.

Thiamine has proved to be a high yielding of energy. The thiamine helps in reversing the symptoms of the neuropathy.

Folic acid: The folic acid is important for the heart as it makes the heart healthy. It also results in building the stamina and increases the energy.

Co-Q10 is a enzyme that would help in making cell energy.

Ends contributing factors:

The peripheral neuropathy treatments require making the body free from the toxic load. The diseases caused by the toxic are heart disease, cancers, neuropathy and asthma. To be free from the neuropathy, one should always try to keep the toxic materials outside the body.